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At The Flowering Year, we are passionate about floristry as a medium for our art and your stories. As a design studio, we gravitate towards spontaneous and freeform expressions that evoke and move. Approaching every project with enthusiasm and playfulness, we strive to challenge the status quo of traditional floristry while remaining rooted in technique and artistic composition.


Acknowledging our fragile climate, we’re on a mission to foster a deeper connection with the environment through nature-positive design. Our blooms and plants are sourced seasonally, regionally, and locally. In a continuous effort to expand our sustainable practices, we are reducing our reliance on single-use floral foam and we produce our packaging with repurposing in mind.

Hi I'm Elaine

I'm a Singapore based florist best known for my naturalistic use of colours and forms, creating composition with the right balance of quirk and elegance.

I am a life long student of floristry - having trained under florists from Australia, Korea, UK and the US, and will continue this learning journey under the influence of many that I admire. I am also a Sogetsu Ikebana student under the supervision of a Komon mentor. Beyond techniques and rules, Ikebana has changed my attitude toward nature, and has been an important force behind my recent creative endeavours.

When not flowering for events and day to day orders, I find joy in practicing ikebana with left over flowers and dead crap found in public parks.